Text Message Banking

Bank Via Text

It's simple, safe and secure! Text message banking makes it easier to access account balances and transactions, right on your mobile phone. Just text a simple command to 49794 and you will receive real-time information about your accounts.

B = Balance - Summary of available balances for all accounts
H = History - Summary of recent transactions per account
C = Command - List of available Text Banking commands

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Click on the customer service tab
  • Click on the "Manage mobile banking settings" link
  • Click on the "Add text banking" button
  • Follow the steps to enroll your mobile device
  • View term and conditions to proceed - accept or reject

Text Message Banking with a Cell Phone and a Debit/ATM Card

Don't have internet service? All you need is a text-enabled phone and a Debit/ATM Card. It is easy to use and puts you in touch with your primary checking account balance through a simple mobile text message. Once you are registered text "B" to 49794 to receive a real-time balance.