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Eaton Federal Savings Bank has been making the American dream come true for mid-Michigan families since 1937. We offer a wide variety of loan programs and options which allow us to tailor mortgage loans specifically to the needs of each customer. We also offer some of the best rates around and service all of our loans so our borrowers always deal with their local bank. But the best part of getting a mortgage from Eaton Federal is dealing with our professional loan officers and staff. We take a simple, trusted approach to mortgage lending so you can be sure you get the right loan, the right rate and the best service.

Pre-Approvals... FREE!!!

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan is a great way to start the home buying or building process. At Eaton Federal, we love helping prospective borrowers determine the amount they qualify for, what their costs will be and what payments they can expect. making the process as easy as possible, our pre-approvals are fast and completely free. So contact an Eaton Federal loan officer today and get the process rolling! 

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans

The traditional fixed rate mortgage loan continues to be our most popular program. 

  • Use to purchase or refinance a 1-4 family primary residence or vacation home 
  • Available in 30 year, 20 year and 15 year terms 
  • Provides the peace of mind of a fixed rate and payment throughout the life of the loan 

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

ARMs are a great choice for borrowers who want the lowest possible initial rate and payment, intend to pay off their loan within a few years or want to take advantage of lower mortgage rates in the future without having to go through the trouble and expense of refinancing.

  • Use to purchase, build or refinance a 1-4 family primary residence, vacation home or investment home
  • Up to 30 year term and amortization
  • Offers an initial fixed rate followed by an adjustable rate for the balance of the term

Construction Loans

Eaton Federal has helped countless families build their dream home. In fact, construction lending is one of our specialties and we offer one of the best programs around.

  • Finance the construction of a primary residence or vacation home
  • Choose any of our fixed or ARM loans and we'll add a construction phase to the front end. Rates are the same as non-construction loans
  • One closing; no need for a second closing or conversion to a long term loan upon completion of the home like many other construction programs
  • Rate and payment is fixed up front based on the loan type you choose; no rate and payment adjustment occurs after completion of the home like many other construction programs

Low Down-Payment Loans

Eaton Federal recognizes not all borrowers possess the ability to make a large down payment on a home but still possess the credit, income and most importantly the desire to buy a home. That is why we have available low down payment options for you to consider:

  • FHA Loans – Lower down payment requirement and favorable qualifying terms.
  • VA Loans – No down payment option for active-duty military personnel, veterans and their families.
  • RD Loans – No down payment option for moderate income families in rural areas.

We also offer our conventional mortgage products with private mortgage insurance at an additional cost that is often less than the additional cost of government-backed low down payment programs. This allows many borrowers to buy the home they want much sooner than would otherwise be possible. Our mortgage experts can help determine which option best fits your needs.

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Land Loans

Whether you want land for future construction or just to enjoy some open space, Eaton Federal offers a loan program specifically for acquiring land.

  • Use to purchase or refinance vacant land or a lot
  • 5 year balloon loan with up to a 30 year amortization
  • Rate and payment is fixed for the balloon term

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