Personal Money Market Accounts

When you are looking for a better rate of return.

If you plan on keeping a higher balance in your account, you can earn a higher rate with our Money Market Deposit Account. And when you take advantage of our convenient features and other account services, there's simply no better place to bank than Eaton Federal. So call or stop in today to speak with a representative and let us help you get started.

Money Market Deposit Account

Initial deposit
$10,000 to open this account

Minimum balance to obtain APY
$10,000 to earn highest rate of interest

Interest paid
Yes, rate is tiered, based on the balance maintained

Penalty for withdrawal

Access by:
ATM, In branch, phone, text, mobile, online, direct deposit, pre-authorized electronic payments. Unless done in branch, by mail or at an ATM, transfers and withdrawals are limited to six transactions per statement cycle

FDIC insured

Suitable for:
Substantial savers looking for an attractive rate of return, but also desiring access to their funds.