Commercial Remote Deposit Capture

Scan Your Deposits

Commercial Remote Deposit Capture is an innovative solution that allows you to deposit checks into your Eaton Federal Business Analysis Checking account any time of the day or night.  Scan the business checks you want to deposit with a desktop check scanner, then transmit the images to Eaton Federal for deposit into your Business Analysis Checking account. It’s a safe and easy way to deposit checks, right from YOUR office – whenever it is convenient for you.

Do you

  • Make deposits after normal banking hours?
  • Take time out of your day to deliver deposits to the bank?
  • Receive a large volume of checks each month?

Remote Deposit Capture will help you

  • Eliminate costly trips to the bank
  • Make deposits 24/7
  • Retain images of deposited checks for two years

It’s easy to get started with Remote Deposit Capture

  • You’ll need a personal computer, an Internet connection, a check scanner and a printer
  • You must have an active Business Analysis Checking account with Eaton Federal
  • We’ll review the volume of checks you process daily and suggest a desktop check scanner that meets the system requirements

It’s easy to use

  • Just key in the total deposit amount and the number of checks
  • Scan the checks
  • The check image(s) are then transmitted to Eaton Federal to be deposited into your Business Analysis Checking account
  • Copies of all checks deposited are archived electronically and retained for two years (no more calls to the bank for research requests)
  • Deposited checks are virtually endorsed

 It’s secure

  • Account data is encrypted for secure transmission
  • Remote Deposit Capture is similar to the technology used by Eaton Federal to submit deposits to the Federal Reserve Bank

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