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Looking For the Perfect Gift? How About a Gift Card…

 Published - Thursday, October 06, 2016

Whether it’s holiday time or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion, sometimes the act of gift-giving can be challenging. Sure, it can be a thrill to pick out just the right gift for a loved one or friend. Perhaps you’re among the lucky ones and spotted the perfect gift on your first trip out shopping. Score! But then there are those times when you look endlessly and nothing seems just right. Or you remember others that you’d like to thank with a gift but have no idea of what would excite them.

That’s why gift cards have become so popular. Gift cards allow the recipients to choose items they pick out so you know they’ll be happy. While store gift cards are quick and easy to buy, they are limited to a specific store’s products or services. But a VISA® gift card from Eaton Federal Savings Bank is similar to a regular credit card and can be used almost anywhere!

VISA gift cards (which are different from a debit card connected to a checking account) allow the recipient to choose from almost any gift they want because the cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. This means with a VISA gift card you can give a college student money toward living expenses, a teenager money toward a pair of ripped jeans, or a nice dinner out for weary parents. The beauty of VISA gift cards is that the receivers can choose their gift, courtesy of you.

VISA gift cards spend almost as easily as cash, but are safer. Once cash is lost, it’s gone. But if VISA gift recipients register their cards, they can be protected from loss or fraud. VISA gift cards are also great for employee gifts too. No more desk clocks or silver frames for all. Give employees a generous VISA gift card so they can choose something they’ll really enjoy. VISA gift cards can be used at online or local merchants, so the recipient has a great deal of flexibility on how (and where) they use your gift.

Best of all, VISA gift cards help you stick to a spending budget. You won’t be tempted to add in a few extra items at the cash register, driving your purchase up. With a VISA gift card, you select the amount to be loaded on each card. It’s done quickly and on budget.

Get Yours Today!

Good news- Eaton Federal Savings Bank now offers VISA gift cards and you can pick up all the gift cards you need at any of our office locations. We charge a modest fee of $5.00 for the processing of each card, making it not only a great idea, but one that’s super convenient and economical. We hope you enjoy this great new convenience and wish you “happy gift giving…”

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